About us

Family Müller in Hessigheim

Our cozy little hotel is family owned and managed. We built it 2016/17 in the centre of the village Hessigheim in the style of an ancient country house, as it was used by winemaking people at least since 1564. The parents Jutta and Herbert Müller contributed to the hotel project with capital and experiences from their overnight stays in many hotels around the world. Son Oliver and his wife Kathleen run the hotel. Our family is also engaged in the wine business. We want to enable our guests to experience wine: in our Vinothek, in our related winery Faschian, by walking through our vineyards, wine tastings as well as wine festivals in our village.

Weingut Faschian

Our village is located in between the two premier cru wine terrasses of the Wurmberg and the Käsberg. It appears a bit fallen out of today´s time; and yet feels our guest very quickly that there is a quasi revolutionary development ongoig: wine making is being completely newly invented.

Consortium Montis Casei

The big cooperative Felsengartenkellerei takes steps to retain wine growing on the steep terrasses, young wine makers build there own wineries, and our senior Herbert engages as well in the wine business: he is a partner and co-owner of winery Faschian, and together with other wine enthusiasts, he acquires vineyards in the steep terrasses. He is the managing partner of the group called Consortium Montis Casei ( derived from the latin name of the Käsberg). The group engages in the production of premium wines from the terrasses which must be taken care without any machines: just hand planting and picking.